Welcome to Canada Medical Cannabis Growers Co-Op

As a cannabis consulting firm our primary objective is ensure that the people that need medicinal cannabis products are able to access them in an efficient manner. While we do not operate any sort of dispensary ourselves, we have many years of experience, are well connected to product producers and the knowledge to assist in the development of a successful dispensary that will work to stay within the self governing guidelines of the Canadian Association of Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries.

To view a copy of their standards and practices click here.

Our team is ready to help with patients who are in the MMAR or MMPR programs and want to legally produce their own medicinal cannabis. We understand the new rules of the ACMP program and can help you navigate the system. We also have designated producers on standby waiting to help those who can not produce for themselves.  Contact us right away to ensure your production site stays legal!

We take great pride in helping Canadians who require medicinal cannabis; access to the medicine they need to help them with their day to day lives. We have helped hundreds of people all across the country make sense of the mixed messages, answering the tough questions, and helping with the difficult decisions surrounding medicinal cannabis access.

Our team of medical professionals will ensure that your health and safety remain an top priority during the whole process.  We see patients from as far as the most remote regions of Canada to downtown Toronto.  If you need help with medicinal cannabis access we are here for you.

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